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Quality Policy

Solident Sweden AB and its employees shall work
in a professional and responsible way so that our customers
and suppliers feel utmost confidence in our company, and consider us a natural first choice when doing business.

Basic principles for achieving this should be:

– Well documented customer requirements

– Observing statutory requirements

– To actively work to continuously maintain the effect
of the quality system

– To only accept commitments that we are able to fulfill

– The right quality must be achieved by doing right
from the beginning in each step during the manufacturing process

– Educate, inform and organise so every employee quickly adapts to our routines and aquires the ability to do the right thing
and be motivated to do it right away – every time

– To create a brand that is characterised by quality

– To prioritise preventive measures and to constantly work
on improvements

In order for quality and efficiency to be maintained, equipment and machinery must be kept in top condition. A spirit of order and readiness shall prevail within the company, all for being competitive in the international market.