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The importance
of the environment 

The dental treatment environment is special in many ways.
The dentist, hygienist and assistant each have their own preferences regarding the design and function of the workplace. The patients/clients also have preferences and expectations
of the environment.

Visiting the dentist is for many an unnerving experience
if the environment doesn’t feel comfortable and inviting.



Patients who feel relaxed are a great testiment to the working environment, which also affects the staff and their work
in a positive way.

This is the thinking behind the creation of our products: a mix of ergonomic thinking, soft values and investments that have long-term effects on profitability.

Vi på Solident har en historia att vara stolt över.

The original equipment design, Anatom, changed treatment methods in the 1960’s.
This ergonomic innovation has been refined constantly since. Another advantage
with this uncomplicated equipment is that the operators themselves can handle
routine maintenance.

We use proven technology, we’re responsive and provide clients with any information needed without delay.

Mats Paulsson

John Ångquist

Mats Eliasson

Ola Eriksson